LP-EMS 2019 program



This are the accepted papers, it starts at 11.00 on Tuesday and ends at 12.45:

  • Geneviève Ndour, Tiago Trevisan Jost, Anca Molnos, Yves Durand and Arnaud Tisserand. Evaluation of Variable Bit-Width Units in a RISC-V Processor for Approximate Computing
  • Matteo Antonio Scrugli, Daniela Loi, Luigi Raffo and Paolo Meloni. A Runtime-Adaptive Cognitive IoT Node for Healthcare Monitoring
  • Ghayoor Abbas Gillani, Alexander Krapukhin and André Kokkeler. Energy-Efficient Approximate Least Squares Accelerator: A Case Study of Radio Astronomy Calibration Processing
  • Crefeda Faviola Rodrigues, Graham Riley and Mikel Lujan. Exploration of Task-based Scheduling for Convolutional Neural Networks Accelerators under Memory Constraints