LP-EMS 2018 program


  • Power Modeling on FPGA: A Neural Model for RT-Level Power Estimation
    • Yehya Nasser, Jean-Christophe Prevotet and Maryline Helard
  • Always-ON Visual node with a Hardware-Software Event-Based Binarized Neural Network Inference Engine
    • Manuele Rusci, Davide Rossi, Eric Flamand, Massimo Gottardi, Elisabetta Farella and Luca Benini
  • A constrained extremum-seeking control for CPU thermal management,
    • Federico Reghenzani, Simone Formentin, Giuseppe Massari and William Fornaciari
  • Thermal Image-Based CNN’s for Ultra-Low Power People Recognition
    • Andres Gomez, Francesco Conti and Luca Benini